2 rue d'Orléans 35000 Rennes, France

What about us ?

The juicy blog

Our vision 👀

Human connection should be at the very core of any remarkable company

📢 PLEASE, don’t let human contact fade away !

Stand out as a real customer-centric company.

Our mission is to give a face and a voice to your company 🍋

What drives us every day : We love to connect people.

Our daily slogans : Goodwill – Boldness – Ambition – Friendliness

What makes us unique 🍀

We are available, we listen, we react fast, and above all we like people as well as a good laugh.

Nicolas, Hanna, François – Incubateur de la FrenchTech Rennes-Saint Malo

Our story

We are three entrepreneurial souls 🚴‍♂️🏊‍♂️🤼‍♂️

willing to build bridges between people. No wonder we became friends !

And that is how the adventure started.